The museum's exhibition of the harsh conditions
faced by the soldiers who fought in these mountains
is intended as an exhortation
to peace and friendship among the peoples of the world.
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The museum

The museum is located in the building of the cable car that is in the center of the "Memorial Zone" of the Italian and Austro-Hungarian combat positions. These positions that are carved into the rocky mass have recently been made accessible to visitors.
The Museum can be visited during the period of operation of the cable car service, from the beginning of December until Easter and from June to September.
The entry to the museum, in accordance with its commemorative purpose, is free.
The Serauta Memorial Zone commemorates and honors the men who fought on the Marmolada in the years 1915-1917, during the First World War.
The cave of Punta Serauta
From May 1916 to November 1917 the Italian soldiers had their positions here and lived in caves and walkways carved out the rocky masses of Punta Serauta. The Austrian soldiers themselves where positioned under the glacier and in the opposite rock formations of Forcella V - Sasso delle Undici.
A part of these caves and walkways of Punta Serauta have recently been rendered accessible to visitors that can be visited in summer, following the itinerary suggested on the plan.
Under the glacier and between the crevasses the Austrian army dug a complex system of caves and walkways, the famous glacier city. A model of this city is exposed in the museum.
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